This page is used as a test and demonstration site exploring how DATEX 2 could be used as a Linked Open Data vocabulary. It is used by a Belgium research program, exploring the use of the DATEX2 standard beyond the formal scope of the standard. For the official website of the DATEX2 community, please see

The preferred prefix of this vocabulary is You can contribute to this ontology on GitHub.



@id datex:DataValue
rdfs:label data value
@type owl:Class
rdfs:comment A data value of something that can be measured or calculated. Any provided meta-data values specified in the attributes override any specified generic characteristics such as defined for a specific measurement in the MeasurementSiteTable.
@id datex:Dimension
rdfs:label dimension
@type owl:Class
rdfs:comment A component that provides dimension information. The product of width and height must not be necessarily be the square footage (e.g. in multi-storey buildings or when some zones are not part of the square footage).
@id datex:GroupOfLocations
rdfs:label group of locations
@type owl:Class
rdfs:comment One or more physically separate locations. Multiple locations may be related, as in an itinerary (or route), or may be unrelated. It is not for identifying the same physical location using different Location objects for different referencing systems.
@id datex:MeasuredValue
rdfs:label measured value
@type owl:Class
rdfs:comment Contains optional characteristics for the specific measured value (indexed to correspond with the defined characteristics of the measurement at the referenced measurement site) which override the static characteristics defined in the MeasurementSiteTable.
@id datex:MeasurementSiteTable
rdfs:label measurement site table
@type owl:Class
rdfs:comment A Measurement Site Table comprising a number of sets of data, each describing the location from where a stream of measured data may be derived. Each location is known as a 'measurement site' which can be a point, a linear road section or an area.
@id datex:NamedArea
rdfs:label named area
@type owl:Class
rdfs:comment An area defined by a name and/or in terms of known boundaries, such as country or county boundaries or allocated control area of particular authority. The attributes do not form a union, instead, the smallest intersection forms the resulting area.
@id datex:Situation
rdfs:label situation
@type owl:Class
rdfs:comment An identifiable instance of a traffic/travel situation comprising one or more traffic/travel circumstances which are linked by one or more causal relationships. Each traffic/travel circumstance is represented by a Situation Record.
@id datex:TrafficView
rdfs:label traffic view
@type owl:Class
rdfs:comment An identifiable instance of a traffic view at a single point in time relating to a predefined location set, comprising one or more linear traffic views each of which comprise one or more traffic view records.
@id datex:Vms
rdfs:label VMS
@type owl:Class
rdfs:comment Provides the current status and settings of the VMS and the currently displayed information. Where a VMS is displaying a sequence or alternating set of messages these are ordered according to the messageIndex qualifier.
@id datex:VmsMessage
rdfs:label VMS message
@type owl:Class
rdfs:comment A message displayed on a VMS which may comprise one or more sequentially displayed text pages and/or pictograms with supplementary details. When in a sequence of displayed messages sequencing of text pages and pictograms within a message are prohibited.
@id datex:VmsRecord
rdfs:label VMS record
@type owl:Class
rdfs:comment A sub-record in the VMS Unit table defining the characteristics of a single variable message sign that is controlled by a specific VMS unit. Locations are on or adjacent to the road network but may be updated over time if relating to a mobile VMS unit.
@id datex:VmsText
rdfs:label VMS text
@type owl:Class
rdfs:comment A page of text (comprising one or more ordered lines) that are displayed simultaneously on the VMS. Where more than one page is defined these are sequentially displayed according to their 'pageNumber'.
@id datex:forVehiclesWithCharacteristicsOf
rdfs:label for vehicles with characteristics of
@type owl:ObjectProperty
rdfs:comment The characteristics of those vehicles for which the network management is applicable.'@en, 'Used to define the vehicle characteristics to which the TrafficValue is applicable primarily in Elaborated Data Publications, but may also be used in Measured Data Publications to override vehicle characteristics defined for the measurement site.
@id datex:name
rdfs:label name
@type owl:ObjectProperty
rdfs:comment A descriptive name which helps to identify the non junction point. At least one descriptor must identify the road on which the point is located, i.e. must be of type 'linkName' or 'localLinkName'.'@en, 'A name which identifies a junction point on the road network'@en, 'Name of area.


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