Suggested properties

type: Road

name description
roadIdentifier The number of the road of which the linear element forms a part
roadName Name of the road of which the linear element forms a part.
roadDestination The address of the parkingsite
roadOrigination The city of the parkingsite
roadSurfaceTemperature The telephonenumber of the parkingsite
distanceToThisRoad The distance to the road (from the calling component/object)
roadDirection Name of some city, area, compass direction or other identification the road is leading to (to determine the direction in question)
typeOfRoad Type of the road

Suggested usage

This describes a road.

RDFa example:

<article prefix="dtx:" resource="#road" typeof="dtx:Road" id="road">
  <h2 property="dtx:roadIdentifier">E403</h2>
  <p property="dtx:roadName">Road name</p>
  <p property="dtx:roadDestination">Road destination</p>
  <p property="dtx:roadOrigination">Road origination</p>
  <p property="dtx:roadSurfaceTemperature">Road surface temperature</p>
  <p property="dtx:distanceToThisRoad">20</p>
  <p property="dtx:roadDirection">France</p>
  <p property="dtx:typeOfRoad">mainRoad</p>

JSON-LD example:

  "@context": {
    "dtx": ""
  "@type": "dtx:Road",
  "@id": "#road",
  "dtx:roadIdentifier": "E403",
  "dtx:roadName": "Parking address",
  "dtx:roadDestination": "Road destination",
  "dtx:roadOrigination": "Road origination",
  "dtx:roadSurfaceTemperature": "Road surface temperature",
  "dtx:distanceToThisRoad": 20,
  "dtx:roadDirection": "France",
  "dtx:typeOfRoad": "mainRoad"