Suggested properties

type: Accident

name description
accidentType A characterization of the nature of the accident.
accidentCause A descriptor indicating the most significant factor causing an accident.
vehicleInvolved The Vehicle involved in the accident.

Suggested usage

This describes an Accident.

RDFa example:

<article prefix="dtx:" resource="#accident" typeof="dtx:Accident" id="accident">
  <h2 property="dtx:accidentType">collision</h2>
  <p property="dtx:accidentCause">rubberNecking</p>
  <ul property="dtx:vehicleInvolved" resource="#someInvolvedVehicle" typeof="dtx:Vehicle" id="someInvolvedVehicle">
    <li property="dtx:vehicleModel">Citroën C3</li>

JSON-LD example:

  "@context": {
    "dtx": ""
  "@type": "dtx:Accident",
  "@id": "#accident",
  "dtx:accidentType": "collision",
  "dtx:accidentCause": "rubberNecking",
  "dtx:vehicleInvolved": {
    "@type": "dtx:Vehicle",
    "dtx:vehicleModel": "Citroën C3"